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Good gift ideas for Fathers Day

Let's face it, Fathers are really challenging to buy for. My dad pretty much has everything he wants and doesn't really need another whimsical t-shirt or coffee mug. 

You are looking for that perfect gift that shows how much you appreciate him and more importantly, know him. A pair of slippers or new gadget are impersonal so perhaps you seek that gift with true meaning.

Here are a few ideas using our floating acrylic  picture frames:

1-  You can create a montage of past sporting event tickets in either one frame or is multiple small frames. 

2- Create a montage of all his past business cards or frame his resignation letter. 

3- Maps of his hometown. 

Maps are not only filled with vibrant color and unique texture, but make visually stunning displays for your home. In addition, any type of map or diagram can convey special meaning while telling part of your story.

Perhaps frame a map of your home town or dream travel destination to make the display personal. Maybe you have a diagram or architectural drawing of your home or a hobby that means a lot to you.

4- Blueprints or architectural drawings

You may be able to find the original blueprints of his birthplace or current home by checking with the county planning and building department.

5- Puzzles he completed

Assembling puzzles requires focus, grit, and determination, and are definitely worth a beautifully framed display. A framed puzzle makes a colorful and unique wall accessory that shows off both your hard work and a visually pleasing image.

Puzzle frames look great in playrooms or offices, or any space that needs some vibrant color. 

6- Flags and Pendants

Displaying a flag isn’t restricted to just a flag pole. Framing a flag or pennant that is special to you makes a professional-looking display for any wall space. In addition, you can typically find flags of all different shapes and sizes to fit any home decor arrangement.

7- Currency

After a long trip, you might come across some foreign money that you either forgot to spend while in that country or forgot to convert back to U.S. dollars. Don’t let that money go to waste by stuffing it in some drawer — consider framing it for a colorful and unique display.

Or maybe you own your own business and have your very first cash bill someone paid you. Rather than tape it to the register, why not give it a true place of honor?

8 - Stamps

Stamps can also be a fun and unique item to frame, whether you’re a vintage collector or just like one of the newer, more modern designs.

9 - Old comic books or magazines covers

Perfect for your office or basement wall space, covers are fun and personal to show off what you love to read most.

10- Handwritten notes or pictures the children drew

Handwritten items are extra personal, truly one-of-a-kind pieces. Vintage letters or postcards can even give off an old-fashioned and weathered look and have lots of personality!

Recipes, notes from your kids, birthday cards, etc. — anything with a handwritten touch makes for a frame-worthy memento.

11- Make a memory wall of pictures of his ancestors

Gather old photos of his parents and siblings and picture of him as a boy so he can take a walk down memory lane. 

12- Frame his old sports jerseys or favorite t-shirts

Clothing — if done right — looks really cool when framed. Perhaps you have a jersey signed by your favorite sports player, or you kept the t-shirt from a memorable concert. Display these items proudly in a custom frame!

In addition, side by side jersey displays make really awesome wall decor for a game room or basement space. They add character, excitement, and vibrant color to any empty area.

13 - Create a family tree

Speaking of family photos, why not also consider creating a family photo tree? You can choose to do one more literally by showcasing individual portraits (starting with the eldest family couple side by side, and framed pictures of their children underneath) or you can create a single family tree chart and frame that instead. 

14 - Frame record album covers

Album covers are artwork for those lp record enthusiasts

15 - Commission a pet portrait

Our furry friends deserve to have their likenesses personalized, too. Consider commissioning a fancy pet portrait

16- The all time favorite - give him an updated photo of his grandchildren

From 2" x 4" tickets to a 30" x 40" montage, Ion Acrylics can cut to order any size picture frame you need. 

You can frame items as thin as paper up to 3/4" thick with special hardware. 

Email with your ideas and we can help you make it happen!


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