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Advantages of acrylic

Record album display holders, furniture, custom sized floating picture frames are all made out of acrylic. Acrylic is a superior material and better than glass in many ways. 

Acrylic compared with glass:
  • Weight
    Acrylic weighs less than half that of glass.
  • Impact resistance
    Acrylic is many times stronger than glass and thus more resistant to strokes (10-20 times). When acrylic shatter, it is, in contrast to glass, in large pieces with relative blunt edges. At the same time contribute the low weight to make acrylic much safer.
  • Insulation
    Acrylic insulates better than glass, and is used heavily in skylights and doors to coolers.
  • Manufacturing
    Molding and extrusion of glass items are more expensive and requires much more energy.
  • Machining
    Glass can not be easily processed by sawing, milling and bending. Moreover, it is a lot more difficult be form after heating.
  • Scratch resistance
    Glass is harder to scratch. Acrylic sheets can be supplied with a scratch-resistant coating (hardcoating) which provides extra protection. While scratch-resistant acrylic are not nearly as scratch-resistant as glass. Small scratches in acrylic can be polished. Scratched glass most be replaced.
  • Light transmittance
    Glass has 90% light transmission, for acrylic it is 92%.
  • Gloss
    Acrylic provides a softer reflection of light. Station glass and acrylic opposite each other and one is seldom in doubt about what is what. Acrylic with glass look is acrylic added a bit of color so that it even more looks like glass.
  • UV light
    Standard acrylic allow as opposed to glass UV light to pass. Acrylic sheets can also be delivered with a UV filter.    

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