Made to order custom size picture frames and accessories
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Our Story

We are a small, family run business with a handful of employees living the American dream of hard work and boundless opportunity. 

We started in 2018 with the invention of our modern clear acrylic album storage holder. As vinyl record aficionados, we wanted to store and display our budding album collection but couldn't find an attractive, contemporary, and appealing solution. So we sought to build it and found acrylic was the best answer. The Ion Acrylics Album Storage Display was created. With that success, we moved on to how to display and feature some of our favorite album art and created the Album cover wall frames.

We soon found acrylic frames could be used in many more ways and deployed standard and custom size picture frames and then added additional frame types and product lines.

Our goal is to sell a great product at a fair price and to provide exceptional customer service.