Modern Acrylic Accessories
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Our Story

We love acrylic and all the amazing things you can do with it. Acrylic is so versatile with the variety of colors, thicknesses, the way it bends, folds and shines up.

Like with all good ideas, we started with a problem and sought a solution. As vinyl aficionados, we wanted to store and display our budding album collection but couldn't find an attractive, contemporary, and appealing solution. So we sought to build it and found acrylic was the best answer. The Ion Acrylics Storage Display was created. 

With that success, we moved on to how to display and feature some of our favorite album art and created the picture frame line. We soon found acrylic frames could be used in many more ways and deployed standard and custom size picture frames.

We are always looking at ways to re-imagine everyday accessories into modern acrylic marvels and welcome any ideas you may have. We  offer custom acrylic design and manufacturing for a truly unique piece.